PCBM semi automatic pole coil brazing machine

System for semi-automated brazing of pole coils for generators and motors

The system is characterized by short cycle and setup times and a high geometric accuracy. This is achieved through the innovative use of brazing towers instead of a rotating worktable.

  • longitudinal and transverse suspension to adjust the coil size
  • four brazing towers on the chassis, each with induction coil, pyrometers, press and exhousting system
  • pneumatic fixation of copper-wire
  • automatic brazing of the coil, manual rebrazing possible
  • program-controlled lowering of the brazed coil
  • coil inner length 800-4000 mm
  • coil inner width 200-800 mm
  • sopper width 40-150 mm
  • conductor thickness 5-17 mm
  • generator power to 80 kW
  • generator 4 outputs (switchable)