Crystal Growth Technology using the KRISTMAG® Concept

Temperature gradients cause crucial convection during crystal growth. There are also cases, such as solidification of melts from bottom to top, where an enhanced melt mixing is preferable. Such flows influence the morphological stability of the growing interface and determine the impurity distribution within the grown crystalline materials. In electrically conductive melts the flows can be controlled by magnetic fields very effectively. The KRISTMAG ® concept combines heating and magnetic field generation in one and the same coil design.

The KRISTMAG ® - concept uses special heater designs to produce the magnetic field and the necessary thermal energy in a single multi-coil arrangement.
The modules, allowing use of magnetic fields, have been developed for OEM or retro fitting of existing equipment.
Usage for all major crystallization process is possible and already tested.

Possible Scope of Delivery

  • Calculations and simulations of the influence or use of magnetic fields
  • Power and control unit for generating the energy
  • Design and manufacture of the heater-magnet modules
  • Delivery of complete solutions