Crystal Growth
Crystalls are typically formed by cooling and solidification from molten or liquid material. Steremat is supplying equipment and systems, both on the principles of directional solidification and the Floating Zone Technology. A special innovation relates to the simultaneous generation of magnetic traveling fields in the used heaters within the furnce directly on the crucible, in so-called heater magnet modules (HMM) according KRISTMAG ® concept and already tested successfully several times.

Technological solutions are available for the following applications

  • equipment for growing monocrystalline silicon rods of highest purity by the floating zone method
  • continuous pulling machines for thin rods (Filaments or Slimrods) for SIEMENS - CVD process
  • induction welding of thin rods
  • melting and crystallization of silicon or other materials in crucibles according KRISTMAG ®-principle using magnetic fields to influence the melt flow simultaneously generated in the heater
  • systems according to customer specification